Custom IMPACT-rated Wood Entry Door Units

MW Millworks is pleased to announce our new line of custom IMPACT-rated wood Entry Door Units that have been NAMI Certified and tested to the most stringent CAT5 Miami-Dade standards.

We are local to Charleston and have been supplying Charleston’s elite builders and contractors superior quality custom millwork products at an extraordinary value for almost 30 years. Besides our new rollout of IMPACT-rated Entry Door units, we manufacture a wide variety of custom millwork products using precision CNC machinery at our modern, state-of-the-art facility in North Charleston. 

Our superb craftsmanship and a strong dedication to customer service before, during and after the sale sets us apart from our competition, and most importantly we offer competitive pricing and we will meet your custom millwork needs at faster than industry standard lead times.

  • Single or Bi‐Hinge Door Units with or without Sidelites and Transoms
  • Inswing or Outswing Doors using a Wood or Endura Aluminum Sill
  • Door Slabs max. width 3’6”, max height 8’0”
  • Sapele Mahogany or any other Species
  • Hoppe 5‐Point Locking System or Double Bore Lock w/ Ives Surface Bolts

IMPACT Glass Resistance to Flying Projectiles

Products sold as Impact-resistant comply with the Dade & Broward County Building Code requirements and the SBCCI Standard for Impact-resistant products (at specific test pressures). These requirements are designed to measure the performance of the glass and frame when struck with windblown debris and varying wind pressures. 

To pass these tests, the products must resist penetration from a length of 2×4 framing lumber weighing 9 pounds fired twice from an air cannon at a speed of 34 miles per hour. 

After receiving the impacts, the product is subjected to push and pull forces at variable cycles to simulate both the strong positive winds and negative pressures of a hurricane. The products undergo 9,000 inward and outward wind pressure cycles every 1-3 seconds over an extended period.

Impact-resistant products may get damaged during a tropical storm or hurricane. The Impact Resistance of the products does not imply that the products will not suffer damage or glass breakage during a tropical storm or hurricane.

IMPACT Glass Makeup

We offer 1-1/16” IMPACT IG units or 9/16” IMPACT laminated glass. Our IG units consist of 1/4” clear annealed, 3/8” black spacer, two pieces 3/16” clear with .09 high-strength laminate between, and if required a 5/8” dark bronze grid. Our 9/16” laminated glass consist of two pieces of 1/4” clear annealed glass with .09 high strength laminate between.

1-1/16” IMPACT IG Unit Makeup

  • 3/8” black spacer
  • 1/4” clear tempered
  • .09 Sentry glass laminate between (2) 3/16” clear heat‐strengthened glass
  • Optional 5/8” dark bronze grid

9/16” IMPACT Lami Glass Makeup

  • 1/4” clear high‐strength glass
  • .09 Sentry glass laminate between (2) 1/4” clear high‐strength glass

Hoppe Multi-Point Hardware
HLS® 9000: Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel is highly corrosion resistant
  • Retractable hooks create a clean look on the door and jamb when open
  • Two point locking system allows for optimum locking point contact with the jamb to assure passing the most stringent forced entry testing
  • Mishandling device prevents retractable hoods from accidentally firing and potentially damaging the hardward, door or frame
  • Manual lock operation eliminates inadvertent locking of the door
  • Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
  • Available in 30 mm and 35 mm backset
  • Full-length faceplate available to cover continuous
  • Faceplate with radius at top and bottom available for simplified door edge preparation on tall doors
  • Easity adjustable strikes help solve the problem of door panel movement or settling of the house
  • Exceeds the current 100,000 operational cycle testing requirements

IVES® SB453 Surface Bolts

  • Surface bolt has 1-3/16” throw for maximum security
  • Strong tension springs prevent creep
  • Ideal for all types of doors
  • Available 8” and 12” lengths
  • Units packed with standard wood screws and machine screws to meet most field conditions
  • Units packed with both a universal top strike (US) and a mortise bottom strike (MS)


  • Meets ANSI A156.16 L84161
  • UL Listed for 3 hour fire doors, up to 10’

Material Substrate

  • Heavy duty steel

Available accessory items

  • Sex bolts
  • Thru bolts (machine screws with cap nuts) not intended for use as security screws


  • Bar: 3/4” wide x 1/4”thick
  • Overall width: 2-1/32”
  • Overall projection: 1-5/16”
  • Top Strike: 1-1/2” wide x 1-1/2” long x 3/16” thick
  • Bottom Strike: 1-5/8” wide x 3-1/2” long x 1/8” thick

Thru bolts (machine screws with cap nuts) not intended for use as security screws


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IMPACT Missile Test