MW Millworks offers a variety of custom window options, including double-hung, triple-hung, casement and fixed windows.  We specialize in True Divided Light and Putty Glaze historic windows ranging from sash replacements to complete window units.  Our staff can assist you with matching existing conditions or provide you with shop drawings for new designs.

Window Sash Replacement

Our milling department can replace any size or type of historic window sash.  We specialize in Putty Glaze True Divided Lite sash options with plate glass and restoration glass.  We offer several historic profile options.  We will help you match specific details of your existing sash such as the bar and muntin pattern, stile and rail sizes, and glass type.  Once a sash is made, we will plow your sash to accommodate your current sash lift system.

Specialty Window

Our Custom Milling Department has the capability of producing arched and elliptical window patterns, including fan lite transoms, arched window units and gothic windows.  Our modern tooling allows us to build arched windows and transoms with greater precision.  Once our design team has provided you with shop drawings, our CNC Department can begin the milling process.  

Window Units

We specialize in producing custom window units that use joinery and craftsmanship to match historic standards.  Our Putty Glaze windows are made from Sapele, the best material on the market, and our exclusive choice here at MW Millworks for all exterior products.  Maybe your trying to match existing conditions for a window unit replacement? Our design team can assist you.  We specialize in custom size sashes, profiles, jambs, and sills, as well as trim options for an accurate fit with your masonry opening.  We also offer various lift systems to accommodate your needs, including traditional weighted rope and pulley style sash lifts.